Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo Session GIVEAWAY!

I'm doing a photo sessions GIVEAWAY! Last year I was out for

 most of the year with multiple things going on...a new baby, surgeries...you name it, we had 

it! So, now that the weather is practically amazing, I need amazing people to photograph!!! 

Comment on this status update for 1 entry and get another entry by commenting on my 

blog.Winners will be announced on April 21st

May the odds be ever in your favor....


Ruth said...

I love giveaways almost as much as i love your photos!!

The Lind Family said...

We need another family photo taken by our favorite photographer!!!

Valerie Berg said...

Pick the Berg's! :) We really want another photo shoot - spring, summer, you name it! ;)

Hope you're doing well with that new baby and all.

Janna Snyder said...

I want to see lots of baby pictures!!!