Saturday, October 18, 2008

The M Family

I could just post the whole session.....but, that would take FOREVER!!!

This little family was nothing short of perfect. The kids were SO well behaved! I'm sure they thought I was some crazy woman with a camera! We had fun and I am totally loving their pictures. Great location, great colors and even GREATER looking people! Thanks again! I love this picture! I think it is way too cute! The kids are in their own world and Mom and Dad are going goo-goo-gaa-gaa over each other! LOVE IT!

They even brought their NFL Jaguar jersey's! They are BIG time fans!


will and tiff said...

you go girl! those are some of the best shots i have seen on your blog. great job. also - i forgot to email you - sorry.

two great spots for fall {so far} - k.albertons park and the river behind two rivers spa. but since i do mostly urban shots i don't know too many places.

but your pictures look great! what a cute family.

Ashlee and Shane said...

Good job! I love these pics! They look great!

Rowberry Family said...

What a cute family and Great Pictures! I love all of them